Welcome to Technica Football

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to this new modern football web site.
The Purpose of Technica Football is to provide all the world´s football kids, coaches and parents the inspiration how to implement an optimal development environment and a progressive training program so they can achieve a high technical level which forms the basis for each player to get the oppurtunity to develop footballskills in the best way.

Football Philosophy

In Technica Football we have a clear football Philosophy, which is based on analysis and knowledge through years of National and International observations of children, youth and seniorfootball.

Our football philosophy is based on the knowledge that players who will be on a modern football team requires players with a high technical level.
To football kids this philosophy means that Technica Football will have following characteristics:

Joy and enthusiasm must permeate all activities, good technical skills are obtained through a structured process of development of children´s game intelligence, a good training environment and a point of view which is based on the individual player.

How to get there?

To achieve the proper development the training of children must form a whole

  • good organization
  • Based on the induvidual player´s development
  • that development comes before results
  • that technical and motor skills comes before tactical skills
  • that joy, excitement and curiosity must influence children´s entry to football.