From fan to World Cup star

When England beat Tunisia in their first World Cup match, defender Harry Maguire was the first to race out to the fans and thank for their support.
No wonder, just two years earlier, Harry Maguire was sitting in the midst of them.
In 2016 he...

Jul 07, 2018

The super talent that has disappeared

Who is Freddy Adu? It's okay if you're football freak but still do not fully recognize the name, because Freddy Adu is an American player who was predicted a career as a world star but ended ... yes where? Because the next question is: Where is Freddy Adu...

Mar 03, 2018

10-year-old moves 9,000 km to switch club

Many ball-happy children know it: The desire to try something new with football - maybe switch club?
You can of course also exaggerate the switch of club, and 9,000 km may be just a little too far away for most parents when junior is going to train...

Jan 01, 2018

The football angel - the forgotten legend

Hendels Corner - by Lars Hendel, Technica.
Former football journalist at BT and Berlingske, has written about the football world from stadiums in the Super Liga to the World Cup finals.
Football expert and debater on TV3, and now media advis...

Dec 12, 2017