It is summer, the season is over, the cups have been distributed.

Many of us football freaks are already excited and a little impatient awaiting next season in the biggest leagues and with the biggest players.
New matches - and on new goals to cheer about.
In professional football one thing is more valuabl...

Jul 07, 2017

The man who invented the scissors kick

Have you tried the perfect scissors kick ? It feels pretty nice: You’re left hanging in the air, catching the ball in the air over your head – and before you touch earth again the ball is stroke in the net.
The first football player who felt the pe...

Mar 03, 2017


Strikers scores goals, while the midfielders run, fight and create chances for the teammates.
Apart from Frank Lampard: He did it all.
Lampard has just stopped his carrier. He scored 302 goals from a position on the midfield for Chelsea. He...

Feb 02, 2017

The record week champion Leicester

It was an adventure, when the Ugly Duckling Leicester last year suddenly spread its wings and discovered that it had turned into a swan and the winner of Premier League with a team, which 15 months before had suspected relegation. Now they’re almost releg...

Jan 01, 2017