Your coach is only a click away

Put your own Select Technica-coach right in your pocket with more than 225 exercises on your app and with your Select Technica PRO-profile, which is based on a highly skilled level. Your Select Technica-profile also forms the basis for the Select Technica...

Dec 12, 2015

Select Technica coaches and ambassadors

Mads Davidsen, assistant coach to Swedish Sven Göran Eriksson in Shanghai, is Select Technica Team coach in China, whilst the highly acknowledged American youth-coach Stan Baker is responsible for the USA.
The ideas man behind Technica, Danish Jann...

Nov 11, 2015

Welcome to JBS as a Technicas new main sponsor

We are happy to announce, that JBS Textile Group is now sponsor of Select Technica Football. We are looking forward to an exciting partnership with the goal of making the Technica experience even better for our users.”

Right now JBS Textile...

Oct 10, 2015

Announce your own event - or find one

If you host cups or camps, club-leaders and camp-managers can promote their own event on the Select Technica-site. You can create your own event, so that all players, coaches, and clubs can read about it before determining the destination of their next fo...

Oct 10, 2015