2:2 – and lots of goals

Level 2

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Players play 2:2 in a field with 4 goals, where the two teams are able to both defend and attack two goals. The exercise focuses on the players’ technical skills (passes, dribbles, feints, and kicks) in free play, along with their ability to find different solutions - developing their play-intelligence in the sense of more goal opportunities.


Play 2 halves of 4 minutes. The break is used to talk to the players about which technical skills are used in the play. “Which kick is often used?” “Which feints have you used?” “Why did you succeed in scoring the 1-0 goal?” This exercise would also be suitable 3:3.


1 ball, 2-3 waistcoats, and 4 goals.

  • 4-6 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 10 m x 15 m Area

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