I’m a good header

Level 3

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In this exercise the players practice their heading skills in attempt to score goals. They will work on take-offs on two legs and on one leg. Timing run and take-off is a difficult technical detail, which requires many repetitions. This exercise offers that.


The coach demonstrates the exercise with the players and talk to them about doing the right take-off. Body balance, the correct arm pull, as well as the right timing of the take-off are the keywords for this exercise. The player serving is switched regularly, and the players can do 6 x 3 repetitions - alternatively 10 x 1. You could start out by having the players do shadow headers without the ball.


1 goal, 2 training poles, and 6 balls

  • 4-6 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 10 m x 10 m Area

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