The perfect pass

Level 2

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The players team up in pairs. They practice push pass using right and left foot in turns. The goal is placing the ball between the two opposite cones at the opponents’. The distance between the cones is 7 – 10 m (23 - 33 ft).


A good push pass is performed, when: - the player is in balance - the supporting foot is placed correctly - the ankle joint of the kicking foot is locked - the ball is hit in the equator – the centre of the ball - the player has his eyes on the ball shortly before the pass is executed


8 balls and 16 cones

  • 6-8 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 20 m x 20 m Area

More ideas

How many passes can the pair do in 1 minute? Increasing the distance between the half-cones. First touches.