The Y 2

Level 5

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Focus on quality in passes, dribble skills, adjusted runs, the important 1st touch, and preparing to receive the ball in relation to a given build-up play pattern.


The coach demonstrates the exercise with the players and explains which areas the coaching will focus on. The ball is passed centrally where the player does a good directional 1st touch. After this, the ball is passed to the 3rd player, who dribbles with the ball to the back line through the obstacles. Regularly, the players swap positions. Keywords for this exercise: moving to the blind side, correct angles, correct speed in the passes, 1st touch and adjusted runs. Area: 10 m x 20 m (33 ft x 65 ft), 8-10 m (26 ft - 33 ft) between the training poles


4 training poles, 6 poles, and 8 balls

  • 6-8 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 10 m x 20 m Area

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