Attack the goal

Level 5

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Focus on the angled shot and the correct runs through a certain build-up play pattern. Using good passes and well-adjusted runs, players take a shot using the instep drive.


The coach demonstrates and explains the exercise with the players. The ball is passed to the central player, who moves to the blind side and then does a return pass. After this, the angle is widened at the wing, who passes centrally and after this the wing receives a pass and shoots. In the build-up play, switch between the right and left side. Players swap positions regularly. The coach focuses on quality of passes and shots. Area: 20 m x 30 m (65 ft x 100 ft) Distance between the players’ positions is 8 - 10 m (the training poles)


1 goal, 4 training poles, and 6 balls.

  • 4-6 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 20 m x 30 m Area

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