Great goal

Level 5

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Following a certain pattern in the build-up play, the players work together in pairs. Focus on push pass, instep pass, headers, along with correct runs with and without the ball.


The coach demonstrates the exercise with the players. Using the correct run, the central player shows the wing, that he is ready for a pass. The wing then uses a wall pass to return to the center, while he/she dribbles through a set up corridor. With an instep pass the wing makes a diagonal cross in front of the goal, where the central player - with a well adjusted run - heads the ball into goal. The exercise can be varied depending on the players’ level, picking up the cross with a shot using the instep pass or instep drive. The players swap positions and the exercise is done 6 times, so that each player tries each start-out position 3 times. The exercise could be done on both right and left side of the field.


1 goal, 8 half-cones, and 3 balls

  • 4-6 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 30 m x 40 m Area

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