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Level 3

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The players must protect the ball under moderate pressure. Their sense of locality, dribble skills, feints, and turns are challenged in this exercise. In a defined area, 1 - 2 players must attempt to kick the ball carriers’ balls out of the area.


The size of the area is set up according to the players’ level. This also goes for the number of players attempting to kick the others’ balls out of the area. The players who are trying to capture the balls are swapped every 2 minutes. If a player’s ball is kicked out, he/she brings it back and restarts the exercise. Alternatively, the condition for being let back in could be 5 jugglings, 5 feints, etc. You could also play for a certain timeframe, e.g. after 1 minute you could see how many players are left in the area. Those, who lose their ball, could do feints, juggling, etc., while waiting.


4 cones and 1 ball per player.

  • 6-8 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 10 m x 10 m Area

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