I turn around

Level 2

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This exercise is intended to improve the players’ push pass, along with their 1st touch, where they must turn with the ball and pass it to the player on the opposite row. The exercise is the start of training the players in this age group to be correctly positioned, according to the direction of the play. Being able to perform this difficult detail, a good 1st touch is necessary.


Before beginning this exercise, the players have been asked this question: How can you turn with the ball? They can pass and turn with both right and left foot.


1 ball and 3 cones

  • 4-6 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 5 m x 10 m Area

More ideas

The players can train a certain 1st touch, e.g. using the inside of the foot, which also applies to this exercise. The distance between the players could be varied. The distance should be adjusted to the players’ quality in passes. The cone in the middle could be swapped with a player, who acts as a defender.