Line 7

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An important part of Technica's football philosophy is the development of a technically skilled player, having good coordination-skills, and that the player works with both sides of the body. "Anything that you can do with the left side of your body, you should also be able to do with your right side." The Line 7-exercise improves the players' rhythm and coordination, along with correct body posture in the efforts to control the ball in small spaces.


First, the coach demonstrates the exercise and informs the players about the basic idea. Then the players complete the exercise going left to right and after that in the opposite direction. It is recommended that the players do three runs from each side, and that the break is used to coach the players in view of their experiences. It is important that the execution is done correctly, which means that the players' level compared to their speed in the exercise are important factors. One rhythm, the players could work on is: Push - push - push - pull/push - push - push - pull etc.


7 half-cones and 1 ball per player

  • 6-8 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 10 m x 15 m Area

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