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In this exercise we focus on the tight angle shot, which is the type of shot that is most common, when you try to score a goal. Before each player's shot, he/she practices quality in passes and getting ready to receive the ball.


The coach demonstrates the exercise together with the players and at the same time points out the main focus areas. It is recommended that the players use the instep kick when performing the tight angled shot. When the players practice passes, coach them in using the correct type of kick in the forward pass and the important support pass. In this case, a well done push pass is the best option. The coach might also discuss withe the players how to prepare one's space before receiving the ball - feinting. Work on both sides, allowing the players to use both right and left leg, both when shooting and passing. Remember to take a break during the exercise, giving the players time to reflect on the exercise. The coach could ask relevant questions during the break.


6 balls, 3 cones, and 1 goal

  • 4-6 Players
  • 15 Minutes
  • 20 m x 40 m Area

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