The Technica Triangle

Level 3

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This outstanding Technica-exercise is perfect for these players' stage of development, where main focus in on kicks, dribbles, and self-chosen feints. In a given area, set up 4 symmetric triangles, in which the players work in groups of four. The exercise is divided into two sections. The first one addresses dribbles and feints, the other one the well-performed pass.


The coach has 4 players demonstrate the first section of the exercise. After this, he/she demonstrates the well-performed push-pass and various examples of dribbles and feints. After 2-3 minutes of performance, take a short break to talk through the players' experiences combined with the coach's recognition and constructive guidance. In the second section of the exercise, the focus is on the well-performed pass only. As a part of this, you could choose to teach the players to pass to the offensive foot - the foot that is to actively pass the ball forward in the desired direction of play. The second section is executed in the same way as the first one: performance - coaching - performance. In both sections, remember to change direction.


6 half-cones and 4 balls

  • 8 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 15 m x 15 m Area

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