The triangle

Level 4

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The exercise trains the players’ quality in passes and getting ready to receive the ball.


The coach starts out by demonstrating the exercise with the players. The players are instructed in how the good passes in this exercise are characterized by the hard, accurate push pass and the difficult support pass which puts forward great demands of coordination and ankle-joints. Furthermore, players should aim at passing to the most remote foot. A player’s ability to prepare receiving the ball is an important factor in order to succeed as a skilled possession player. This exercise is perfect for training just that, where the following is important: move to the blind side and create the right angle to the ball carrier. Players can swap positions regularly. Work in 2 intervals of 3-4 minutes, after this the players are coached based on their experiences from the exercise.


3 half-cones and 6 balls

  • 4-6 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 8 m x 8 m Area

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