Through the jungle – take care of the coconut

Level 1

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The purpose of this exercise is to develop the players' skills concerning correct run, relevant changes of direction, along with the first touch. The exercise can end with a feint or a shot.


In this age-group, the players are much motivated, if the coach addresses their imagination. This exercise could be the story of the trip through the jungle, where you must first pass the logs, then the impressive, tall trees towards the clearing, where the fallen and rolling coconuts are to be dribbled safely back to camp. First, the coach demonstrates the exercise and talks about the importance of: The correct movement of the arms Landing on the forefoot Length- and frequency of steps during acceleration (fast feet) Possibilities in the first touch (inside/outside) The exercise is repeated 4-5 times per player.


5 half-cones, 6 hurdles, and 4-6 balls

  • 4-6 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 15 m x 15 m Area

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