A good pass!

Level 3

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The players practice passes with both feet. Furthermore, the exercise focuses on the players’ coordination of forward and backward pattern of movement.


The coach demonstrates the exercise with a player. Focus on the timing of passes with left and right foot, and on the foot-work before and after the pass. Speed and accuracy are important keywords associated with the good pass. The player working on coordination and passes works in 2 minute intervals. After this, swap. Each player works for maximum 3 intervals.


1 ball per pair and 4 cones per formation.

  • 2 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 4 m x 4 m Area

More ideas

You could include more movement demands. E.g. a 360 degree turn (right-left) when passing the center cone. Other movement demands could be replacing the backward run with e.g. a roll-over or simulating a header. Instead, you could work on returning in the air using the inside of the kicking foot, the instep, or the head.