Dribble acceleration with direction

Level 4

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The correct movements performed in the acceleration in conjunction with the right strength and direction of each touch of the ball is the focus field in this exercise.


Importantly, the players have focus on the good coordinative operation (feet - high frequency at the start) and eyes on the pass gate. You can work 3-4 intervals of 2 minutes. The break is used actively to coach the players and chat about their experiences.


1 ball per player, 4 cones and 4 pass gates

  • 10 Players
  • 12 Minutes
  • 25 m x 25 m Area

More ideas

You can as a coach if necessary vary the exercise as follows: - Only dribble with the right foot, the left foot, alternately 2 right touches, 2 left touch etc. - With a signal, players can dribble the other way around - turn on the sole of the foot / heel