Lionel Messi Special

Level 5

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Being able to create space and after that get turned to create a 1:1 situation using the Lionel Messi dribble is complicated, since the exercise contains several tactical and technical elements. The dribble is the primary focus-point of the exercise - decoy run, turn and shot are secondary.


The coach demonstrates the correct execution of the exercise. Then he/she explains to the players how to succeed in using this dribble. It is important to instruct the players to dribble the ball close to the opponent (the cone) and then using a body-feint, the correct ankle joint-touch to the ball, and acceleration to pass the cone (the direct opponent). Split up the exercise into 2 segments of 4 minutes, where the break is used actively to coach the players. In the same exercise, the coach could include e.g. decoy runs and turns as secondary focus-areas.


2 small goals, 1 big orange cone, and 1 ball per player

  • 6-8 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 15 m x 15 m Area

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