Mouse and cat

Level 2

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The strength of this exercise is to improve the players’ reactions and perception, their take-off from low to high body posture, along with fast feet.


One player - the cat - is to attempt to catch another player - the mouse - using a waistcoat. They start out in separate corners, while the others are lying down in pairs, scattered around the area. The player, who is the mouse, can get “refuge” by lying flat on his/her stomach beside a friend, whose neighbor now becomes the mouse that is chased by the cat. The coach demonstrates the good take-off with low body posture, being thorough in his instruction of the importance of fast feet during the first meters. It is a good idea to take a short break of the recommended time span.


1 - 2 waistcoats

  • 6-8 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 15 m x 15 m Area

More ideas

This exercise could include more players, which would result in more cats chasing the mice.