Move your feet

Level 3

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On this motor skills training ground the players practice versatile movements related to football. The basis of the training ground is the players’ level of development in motor skills.


First of all, the coach runs through the course demonstrating the many challenges. After that, the coach runs in front of the players on the first runs, until they have cracked the code.


4 cones, 2 half-cones, a goal, a trampoline, 4 training poles, 6 hoops, and a coordination ladder.

  • 6 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 25 m x 25 m Area

More ideas

This exercise contains many possibilities. You decide which obstacles the course should contain. For the sake of the players, it is important that you use the same set-up the first times, so that it is recognizable, which gives the children confidence.