Shadow passes

Level 3

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The exercise trains the player’s coordination and his/her ability to quickly change between running and performing the correct kick (push pass, instep drive, and flick pass). The yielding surface challenges the player further and increases demands for balance, take-off, and correct kick. Doing the exercise without wearing shoes gives the player a good sense of what happens in the ankle-joints and hip joints.


The coach demonstrates the exercise and instructs the players how to do the correct arm pull and the position of the ankle-joints and hip joints when doing the different kicks. The players repeat the exercise 4-5 times. Each exercise is done in 20 seconds, after this a break for 1 minute.


Soft and challenging surface

  • 6-8 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 5 m x 5 m Area

More ideas

You could include balls, letting the player return a throw. Players could do the exercise with eyes closed.