We’re dribbling

Level 2

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The exercise trains the players’ ability to gain better ball control and at the same time improve their ability to get a sense of location. Dribble with right and left leg in turns. The turns must be sharp, which means that the ball has to be moved steadily to the cone.


The exercise is explained, emphasizing good dribble skills. Work in 3 intervals of 2 minutes. Use breaks to talk to the players about what they succeeded in and what needs some adjustments. Depending on the player-level, the coach decides on the speed of the dribbles and turns. You can dribble in different ways, e.g. 2nd touch with right, 2nd touch with left, only left or right etc.


4 balls and 4 cones

  • 8 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 8 m x 8 m Area

More ideas

Demand other turns on the opposite side.