The island

Level 1

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The players dribble with right and left foot in turns in a defined area. Within the area, a number of hoops matching the number of players have been scattered. At a given signal the players are to get a sense of locality in order to as quickly as possible dribble to a vacant hoop and stop the ball inside it.


With this exercise you can address the imagination of this age group. You could use the story of the many children, who are out for a swim. Suddenly, they are warned that the sharks are headed their way and that they must as quickly as possible find an island to save themselves. The exercise is repeated 3 times.


4 half-cones, 1 hoop, and 1 ball per player

  • 4-7 Players
  • 10 Minutes
  • 15 m x 15 m Area

More ideas

The thrill of this great drama can be emphasized by removing one of the islands, giving one of the swimmers a serious problem.